The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model is less common than the RevShare model. With CPA, you will receive a flat fee for each lead they direct towards the casino that performs a certain action — based on a customer making a first deposit. Usually, the CPA model is reserved for very well-established affiliates with a history of generating quality traffic. Affiliate programs that offer the possibility of CPA compensation usually do so on a case-by-case basis this is based on geo, traffic source and based on a customer meeting the minimum bet criteria. There are also other elements including scales that can be implemented based on the volume sent, for example 1-49 players, 50-99 players etc. Please contact us to discuss exact rates based on your traffic sources and source of country.

Rev Share

With the revenue share (RevShare) model, affiliates earn a percentage of the losses from each player directed from the affiliate’s resource to the online casino or sportsbook platform. This is the most common compensation model in the world of affiliate marketing, as it encourages affiliates to generate relevant traffic containing long-term, loyal players. The more the players lose, the more the affiliates win, so they have every incentive to send the casino quality leads.


Casinos prefer RevShare as they only pay for effective conversions instead of blindly spending money on marketing, crossing their fingers, and hoping at least a few high rollers see their ads somewhere. The RevShare model also lets casinos clearly see which affiliates are performing well and which are not.

The percentage of the revenue that affiliates receive usually varies from 20% to 45%. More established affiliates will be at the higher end of the range, whereas newer affiliates who’ve yet to prove themselves will start lower and try to work their way up.


Advertisers commonly use cost per click with a set daily budget for a campaign. When the advertiser’s budget is reached, the ad is automatically removed from the website’s rotation for the remainder of the billing period. For example, a website with a cost-per-click rate of $.10 would bill an advertiser $100 for 1,000 click-throughs.


The primary alternative is the cost per mille (CPM) model, which charges 1,000 ad impressions—or views—of the display ad, regardless of whether or not a viewer clicks on the ad.

Fully Customisable marketing spend

We can also devise a full strategy based on your marketing needs, provide us a budget and we will come back to you with a full breakdown based on ECPA (effective cost per acquisition) For example if you are looking for 500 FTD’s per month and are looking to commit 50,000 EUR/monthly, we will source traffic channels with our trusted existing client relationships to acquire you traffic based on 100 CPA – 50,000/500 = 100 EUR